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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are you located?

    We are located in South East Queensland with some of our products located on the Gold Coast and others in Brisbane. We dispatch all orders from Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

    Would you combine postage?

    Yes we do. In fact when you buy multiple items we don’t charge you any extra postage more than the initial cost (even though it may cost us more) as an additional saving for our customers.

    Your necklaces and bracelets come in a range of sizes, can I ask for a particular length?

    Our jewellery is individually hand-made by our artisans so there is a small variation in sizes from one necklace to the necklace. If you let us know you would prefer a shorter or longer necklace we will absolutely do our best from what we have available in stock in that particular colour you are after.

    Do you offer an amber authenticity certification?

    The amber we sell is made in Lithuania from Baltic amber. With the Russian war in Ukraine, as well as the Russian economic ties to China, it is not easy to acquire genuine Baltic amber and that is where our business connections are crucial. We don’t advertise an authenticity certificate as our amber is not registered with an authentication company (like IAA or AGbA), but please check our feedbacks to see many happy mums and dads, showing that the amber is certainly genuine, as counterfeit amber does not have amber’s famous healing properties.

    You need to be very careful when an amber seller is offering you a “certificate” of authenticity because from our experience it is very easily faked. A printed certificate from the manufacturer does not in any way guarantee to a customer that the amber they’ve received from a retailer actually originated from that manufacturer. We have also seen first hand other amber sellers offering fake and invalid certificates from Lithuania as well as ones that are self-made (even when they tell you otherwise), and we would never try to do such a thing with our customers. Ask the seller for the company providing their certification, and their testing procedures, and laboratory standards, as well as proof that the amber they are selling is the same amber that was sent to be tested, if you come across one — they simply won’t be able to provide this information. It takes time and money to get registered with a legitimate certification company, have authenticity labels on every product, go through all checks etc. Additionally, if we were registered with a company that can individually certify each piece of amber jewellery we could not sell at this low price for amber that is of an extremely high quality here in Australia.

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