UNTREATED RAW Baltic Amber Anklets for Adults (25-27cm) Natural Healing, Authentic


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This listing is for raw (untreated) Baltic amber which provides a stronger health benefit than polished amber, available for purchase in 5 colours.

Discover our handcrafted, genuine Baltic amber adult anklets (25-27cm) in 5 raw amber colours – dark redwood, redwood, dark honey, light honey and peach. This natural, drug-free alternative provides body and immune system benefit and makes an ideal gift, complete with a free organza bag.

100% Genuine Baltic Amber Guaranteed
Made with love using high grade amber beads!

Handcrafted in the heart of the Baltic region.

This listing is for an adult Baltic amber anklet in a choice of 5 raw/untreated colours
*You will receive an anklet between 25 - 27cm*

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Makes a wonderful gift in a cute free organza bag!

Baltic amber provides you or a loved one with a drug-free natural health product that has been worn for centuries in Europe and Asia by adults of all ages.

Tree resin picture

Baltic amber is the fossilized resin of ancient pine trees that grew 40-60 million years ago in Northern Europe around the Baltic sea. As the prehistoric climate warmed the trees started exuding large amounts of resin. Over the millions of years, the resin oxidized forming the amber that we know today.

Only amber found in the Baltic region is called Baltic Amber and contains the famous and extraordinary health properties. You need to be mindful with other sellers that you are not purchasing amber from another region.

By wearing amber against the skin you are allowing the amber to release natural oils onto your skin that is circulated into the bloodstream.

Understanding Raw and Polished Baltic Amber

Raw Baltic Amber:

Raw or untreated Baltic amber is amber in its most natural form. It maintains its original rough texture, irregular shapes, and matte appearance. Raw amber retains more of its acclaimed therapeutic properties, making it a popular choice for amber teething necklaces and other healing amber jewellery.

Polished Baltic Amber:

Polished amber has been carefully treated to reveal its stunning inner beauty. The polishing process smoothens the amber, giving it a brilliant shine and bringing out the depth and richness of its colours. Polished amber beautifully showcases the gemstone's unique characteristics and natural beauty while still retaining the majority of the therapeutic properties.

Amber Certification

Do you offer an amber authenticity certification?

The amber we sell is made in Lithuania from Baltic amber. With the Russian war in Ukraine, as well as the Russian economic ties to China, it is not easy to acquire genuine Baltic amber and that is where our business connections are crucial. We don’t advertise an authenticity certificate as our amber is not registered with an authentication company (like IAA or AGbA), but please check our feedbacks to see many happy mums and dads, showing that the amber is certainly genuine, as counterfeit amber does not have amber’s famous healing properties.

You need to be very careful when an amber seller is offering you a “certificate” of authenticity because from our experience it is very easily faked. A printed certificate from the manufacturer does not in any way guarantee to a customer that the amber they’ve received from a retailer actually originated from that manufacturer. We have also seen first hand other amber sellers offering fake and invalid certificates from Lithuania as well as ones that are self-made (even when they tell you otherwise), and we would never try to do such a thing with our customers. Ask the seller for the company providing their certification, and their testing procedures, and laboratory standards, as well as proof that the amber they are selling is the same amber that was sent to be tested, if you come across one — they simply won’t be able to provide this information. It takes time and money to get registered with a legitimate certification company, have authenticity labels on every product, go through all checks etc. Additionally, if we were registered with a company that can individually certify each piece of amber jewellery we could not sell at this low price for amber that is of an extremely high quality here in Australia.

In this listing...

You will receive an anklet hand-made from Baltic amber by an experienced artisan.

The anklet you will receive will be between 25cm and 27cm because every amber bead and every anklet is unique.

Frequently asked questions...

How often should I wear my adult amber?

It is recommended to wear the Baltic amber as often as possible, including at night. The extraordinary amber oils are only absorbed into your body when the amber is in contact with the skin.

Can an amber necklace, bracelet or anklet be worn in the pool or bath?

Yes they can, but prolonged exposure to water can weaken the thread of the jewellery.

Can an amber necklace be worn together with other amber items?

Yes it can, you can wear any number of adult amber items such as those we sell at the same time and in fact the more amber that is worn against the skin the stronger the effect.

How long will the Baltic amber last?

If you take good care of your Baltic amber jewellery, it will last and become a treasured family heirloom to pass down in the family.

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Please note that to comply with TGA we make no therapeutic claims for Baltic amber.


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UNTREATED RAW Baltic Amber Anklets for Adults (25-27cm) Natural Healing, Authentic UNTREATED RAW Baltic Amber Anklets for Adults (25-27cm) Natural Healing, Authentic
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